Give BACK - Club

You should not only take, but also give back!

What is it?

An idea of some people who had a lot of luck in their lives and want to give BACK some of it. Nothing more.

We want to do more than just DONATE money, we want to help in person. So we set up small projects and try to use our skills to help. Together in the group it's easier to get off from your butt and initiate something GOOD.


What happened until now?

What happened until now?

Not much yet.

Our first project will be to do the Shade Tours and cook in the Gruft in Vienna. This project tries to sensitize people for poverty and homelessness in their town. Great social startup!

Shade-Tours Website

How can I join in?

Who's in yet?

You could :). Just contact us. Might the good karma be with you.

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